Mood boards: A designer creates a mood board to be inspired, to inspire her staff, and to start a collection. A student creates a mood board to focus and create direction for their collection. For this mood board we were inspired by the color white.


Cold or cool white is white with blue shadows and a touch of grey. Think about shivering in the winter, brrrr.


White is a combination of many different values and colors used in the shadows. Be careful not to overdo it with too many values and colors, otherwise your garment will no longer be white. You want to add just enough to give the garment form and depth.Trend_WHite_3 Trend_WHite_4

White looks great in contrast with her dark skin. You can play around with high contrast to accentuate the white garment.


You can also use a dark valued element (here the red belt) it makes the white appear even whiter.