The layering and the multiple fabrics used in the lapel have inspired the creation of a flattering and classic tailored three quarter length jacket. The styling makes this look very fresh and commercial (the neatness of the hair and the classic pump) which places this in a Missy category.


This is a multilayered garment with adventurous proportions.  A three-quarter length skirt over leggings that drape over the shoes are balanced with an extremely long scarf and a bulky faux fur jacket.  The length compliments the fullness. Note the direction of the stripes draws the eye from the neckline to the shoe. You still see a thin figure with a full jacket.


All the interesting proportions are seen in the upper torso – with an ample dolman sleeve. They are balanced by the long legs of the model.


The combination of a chic vest with soft casual pieces creates a professional look that has a broad appeal to women who want to look fashionable.  The look is developed from the broad shoulder fur and finished with the addition of the white trousers.


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