Fashion can be thought of as a metaphor, a poem of what we feel.


This garment is complex to draw and it all begins by building up a silhouette that reflects the shape of the garment.   Remember that the treatment chosen for make-up and hair gives a drawing style and individuality: the face can be used as a canvas to extend or contrast with the overall effect of the garments.  Look carefully at how shadows are used to indicate the areas of the body and areas of the fabric and bend away from the light.  The new edition of Colors For Fashion discusses in depth, techniques on drawing faces and using styling to create the garment and look that you desire. Ralph Waldo Emerson said this about beauty: Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art. (This quote might be something you add in your journal and is then expanded upon using other ephemera and language to further explore the ideas.)Coral_step3

For more information and guidance on drawing please refer to 9 Heads 4th edition, Colors For Fashion and Face Fashion.  Remember to  practice, practice, practice with a 9 Heads Women Notebook. And don’t forget that you can personally ask Nancy Riegelman and her staff of fashion illustrators your questions!  SHOP