1.) Draw the oval shape of the face and draw in the vertical axis line, dividing the face into two equal parts. Add another line cutting the face exactly in half horizontally, so the face is divided into four parts. The horizontal line marks the eye level. The eyes should never be placed above this line as the face will then appear extremely old. (As babies, our eye level is only one third up from the bottom of the head; it gradually moves up as we mature, ending up almost exactly in the middle of the head. This is true for both men and women.)

2.) Having divided the distance between the eyes and the bottom of the head in half again. This point is the bottom of the nose.

3.) Divide the distance between the bottom of the nose and the bottom of the head in half again. This point is the bottom of the mouth. It is important to place the mouth close to the nose. The jaw begins below the ears, level with the center of the mouth and the chin is directly under the mouth, no wider or smaller than the mouth. It is important the chin and mouth are the same size. The jaw tapers in on both sides of the face until it meets the chin (above the jaw-between the ears and the beginning of the jaw-the outline of the head also tapers, but less so).

4.) The top of the ear is aligned with the top of the eye, and the bottom with the bottom of the nose.

5.) The hair line is approximately 1/8 to of a head length from the top of the head and extends across the eyes-like an umbrella for the eyes- and then moves down from the eyes to the ears. The outside edge (or silhouette) of the hair cascades from the top of the head (the crown), moves close to the skull to the eye level and then falls softly to the shoulders. Slim down the hair and head so that the eyes float down to the clothes.frontfaceview