Leather is created by a process known as tanning. There are numerous types of leather, which is formed from animal skins (called hides for larger animals like bulls or buffalo). The different types of tanning and the post-tanning processes including sanding and coating result in a wide range of different types of leather including full-grain leather, top grain leather, most common in high-end fashion, embossed leather, patent leather, glace leather, and fish leathers (such as shark). Leather garments are made from individual skins which are not always of uniform size, so many seams are often required in the construction. All leathers have a grainy finish but this is less apparent in the shiny leathers.



TIPS: There are numerous folds of different shapes and sizes that create sheen and fine shiny highlights. For this reason, it would be difficult to leave the white   of the paper unmarked and draw the black leather around it. It’s easier to apply a full application of black to the whole garment and then to draw the sheen and shine on top using white gel pen. Continue on the top of the folds with white pencil for the sheen on the core lights.