Blouses and shirts are usually made of woven fabrics that do not stretch and drape away from the body. It is important to show this fullness when drawing them. (A DO NOT DO is to draw the garment as though it appears to be tattooed on the skin.)


1) Draw the upper part of the body in three-quarter view. Define the center-front line carefully.

2) Working from top to bottom, define the collar band as an elliptical form around the neck and shoulder seam rests on the shoulders. The armhole bends elliptically around the arm and is wider than the arm. A side seam is drawn from the armhole to the waist in this design; the outer line is the silhouette of the blouse. Note that the blouse is fuller above the waistline, where is is gathered in. A placket is drawn from the center of the collar, on each side of the center-front of the garment, reaching down to the gathered waist and from there to the shirt tail front of the blouse. Indicate the gathers forming at the waist and the spread of the blouse below the waist.

3) The long set-in sleeve is drawn with drape at the lower armhole and elbow and is gathered to a cuff above the wrist. Note that the upper arm and forearm are cylindrical forms and to appear correct the drape has to look as though it is curving round the cylinders at the elbow and cuff. Do not draw lines when drawing a cuff! Make them bend!

4) The upper part of the collar starts at the top of the collar band and slopes down to the shoulder line. As this is three-quarter view, the line of the collar is shorter and closer to the vertical on the side furthest away, longer and less steeply sloped on the nearer side. The collar bends around the neck and ends at a point on each side. The spread of the collar-the edge that runs from the top button to the point-is drawn as a slightly upward curving line down to the points. More details are added, including a second line at the shoulder to indicate a yoke, a button with a horizontal button hole at the center-front of the collar band and buttons drawn evenly spaced down the front of the placket with vertical buttonholes.





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