Step 1) Draw the outline of the garment and make sure that each garment appears to be layered and bends to the body underneath. Otherwise the clothes will not appear to fit on the figure. Try not to overdo the garment with too many folds, as that will make it look unnatural and bulky. Next, add a base color to each layer of clothing.

A second layer of the same grey marker was applied as a shadow under the color – apply when the first layer is wet which will be more saturated and show the shadow.


STEP 2) When drawing fur you make wide soft shadows that are in this case round. Keep layering and layering the shadows in neat round shapes. Add white pencil to the areas of the fur that are the highest points – the areas which are the furthest away from the body will be lighter. Think of a fold as a mountain and valley – applying the darker shadows to the valley and the lighter highlight to the mountain top.



STEP 3) Add details like the striped lines. Note the tip of the shoe is highlighted with a gel pen. Don’t forget to add  finishing touches to the face.STEPBYSTEP_FUR3

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