Here are a few steps from 9 Heads: A Guide to Drawing Fashion on how to draw the full S-curve figure. A number of books by Nancy Riegelman, including 9 Heads are available in our shop here.


1.) Draw in the head, neck and upper torso, including the bust, ribcage and upper arms extending to waist level at 3. Lightly draw in the balance line-a vertical line starting at the top of the head and running through the front center of the figure. Continue this line vertically to its full nine head length where the ankle will be drawn. (Note that the S curve figure is the same length as the front view figure; although the line of the weight-bearing leg shifts from vertical to diagonal the overall length of the figure remains the same.)


2.) Decide which leg will be the weight-bearing leg-here we make it the right leg. In the S curve the hip is raised on the side of the weight-bearing leg and the waist angles down from that side. Draw in the new position of the waist angling at 25 to 35 degrees from the outside of the waistline on the raised hip side. Draw in the continuation of the center-front line at right angles from the middle of the new waistline to the position of the crotch at 4 1/2. To plot the position of the hips accurately we draw in a new guide line – S curve hip line- running from the widest part of the hip on one side to the widest part on the other side of the body, as we saw in drawing the diagrammatic S curve figure in the last section. This line is 1 1/2 heads wide-the width of the hips-and lies equally on either side of the center-front line.


3.) Draw in the line of the hips on each side by joining the edges of the new waistline to the widest points of the hips on each side, on the ends of the S curve hip line. Indicate the position of the tops of the legs.