Let’s learn how to use Photoshop to quickly change color elements and seasonality of a collection.

The illustration below features soft pinks juxtaposed with darker tones giving a seductive yet ethereal mood.  Using Photoshop we can easily and quickly change the mood by using these tools: Magic selection tool, refine edge, hue saturation and opacity.

Lingerie, Three figure group

We decided to change the colors to a more stark and cool mood.  First we use the quick or magic selection tool to select the areas we wish to work on. In the image we have selected the parts of the illustration where the skin is showing.  You want to make sure to refine the selection so it is exact. Once you have the selection accurately created use the hue/saturation tool to change the color.  Another tool to consider using is the opacity tool to change the transparency.  Experimenting is made so easy with Photoshop – Have Fun!
Lingerie, Three figure groupLingerie, Three figure groupFor more information and guidance on drawing please refer to 9 Heads 4th edition, Colors For Fashion and Face Fashion.  Remember to  practice, practice, practice with a 9 Heads Women Notebook. And don’t forget that you can personally ask Nancy Riegelman and her staff of fashion illustrators your questions!  SHOP