The croquis is the foundation for most fashion drawings and must be drawn well. Drawing it well requires practice. Try the following exercises straight from 9 Heads (4th Edition), a modern guide to fashion drawing. 9 Heads: A Guide to Drawing Fashion is available in our shop, here. These exercises will help to gain speed and to learn the croquis measurements:


1.) Draw the figure five times with a light line. Use a mechanical pencil.

2.) Draw the figure five times using a dark line. Use a soft pencil, 2B or 4B.

3.) Draw the figure and fill in with a variety of patterns (a pattern is any image that is continuously repeated – stripes, dots, flowers, musical notes, etc). Neatness is important.

4.) Make a croquis out of cardboard or paper, make a croquis doily, a croquis cookie or simply repeat the earlier exercises until you are completely familiar with the proportions of the croquis.