Do you know what defines each market category?

FFS was so completely inspired by Jaimee Mckenna‘s Central Saint Martins A/W 2013-2014 show.  Here we have examples of the original in Missy and then possible adaptations for other market categories below.



Moderate/Missy:  This category includes clothes that are found in departments stores and on-line shopping. Silhouettes are interpretations from the designer collections which have sold especially well .  There is usually a core category which is a piece that is owned by many customers such as jeans known as a core garment, a garment that has sold well with a subtle accent , a core plus garments, and a trendy item called a novelty garment.




CONTEMPORARY FASHION MARKET:  The contemporary market is for an adventurous and fashion aware client.  The outfits closely resemble clothes seen on the runway but are sold with a lower price.

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