Learn more about Judith G. Klausner’s fascinating art work.

When we came across Judith’s work we were so excited to share her work  with you (like so excited we emailed her for an interview upon first glance of her series, From Scratch).  We are also very happy to share an interview she did with us too featured below.  Taken from her website:

Judith G. Klausner is a Somerville MA artist with a love for small, intricate, and overlooked things. She received her degree in Studio Art from Wesleyan University in 2007 after constructing her thesis primarily out of insects, and has since continued to search the details of her surroundings for inspiration. She enjoys playing with her food, both recreationally and professionally.

Scroll down for the interview and samples of her outstanding work.

Judith KlasnerCereal Sampler #2: The Most Important Meal | materials: Chex corn cereal, thread | date: 2010 | photo: Steve Pomeroy

What are some of your current obsessions?

– Antique jewelry; I have an intense love of filigree. I spend way too much time online looking at antique necklaces and rings.
– Food. Always food! I love trying new restaurants, experiencing new combinations of flavors and textures.

– In the last few weeks, I’ve been learning more than I ever thought I would about rhinestones, because I’ve started a new series of pieces that employs them. So much sparkle!

Judith KlasnerFlora Dentata (Tooth & Nails) | materials Nail clippings, baby teeth | date 2009

What is something you recently learned that you would like to share with our readers?  I learned that rhinestone sizes are measures in “ss” numbers (see previous comment about starting work with rhinestones, my brain may be completely saturated currently.) The smallest (easily available, at least) size is ss3.

Judith KlasnerToast Embroidery #3: Mold 1 | materials Toast, thread, paper (structural) | date 2010 | photo: Steve Pomeroy

What is something you are looking forward to? I’m part of organizing a Secret DIY Santa among some friends, and it’s always exciting to make someone a present and to see what everyone else has made. The group has such varied skills and interests, the gifts are always creative and unique!

Judith KlasnerCondiment Wallpaper #2 | materials Paper, yellow mustard, blackberry jam, concord grape jam, barbecue sauce | date 2011 | photo: Steve Pomeroy

What is something you think the future will hold?
Sleep! (That’s what comes of answering interview questions after midnight.)
My serious answer is that I hope that the future will hold a continued move towards equality for women, LGBT folks, people of color, and other groups who have been and continue to be oppressed withing our society. When I get frustrated by current injustices, I try to take a step back and look at the course of human history. By in large, we keep moving in the right direction. I hope we keep it up!

Judith KlasnerOreo Cameo #17 | materials Oreo sandwich cookie | date 2011 | photo: Steve Pomeroy

What are three places you love?
– My couch under a blanket with a cup of tea (we’ve settled into proper New England winter, and it’s really the place to be until spring arrives in late April.)
– My friends’ house on the beach of Cape Cod. It may be the most relaxing place on earth, and if you stand in the shallows little fish nibble at your legs and it tickles. We cook and eat together, and spend hour reading books, playing games, and conversing. Nothing ever feels rushed. It’s actually where I carved the first Oreo Cameo, and also did my first cross-stitched Chex cereal. I had these ideas, and that house was where I felt the mental freedom to give them a go.
– The courtyard garden at the Gardner Museum.


Thanks so much Judith!


We encourage you to take some time over on her website.  Also, she has several of her works available in print which just seems like something you probably need!