Today we are happy to share with you the work of Eszter Chen.

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What are some of your current obsessions?   I’ve been very obsessive in pattern making, legs and socks, and stationary.

What is something you recently learned that you would share with our readers?  You should be happy and joyful at any stage, even through you think it’s still far from dreams, but you will be amazing when you reach them.

Who are your favorite designers?  Charles and Ray Eames, Alvin Lustig, Sami Ruotsalainen, Rei Kawakubo

What was the last place you visited? Tell us something that happened there.  My last place visited was my home country Taiwan including the Taipei City and my grandparents’ home town Hualien. Taiwan is a small island but with very crowded population, multi cultures influenced by previous colonial countries. I lived there for 13 years since I was born. I didn’t realize how beautiful this place was, especially the country side where my grandparents live for more than 50 years. I get to see mountains every morning and breathe fresh air  in the underdeveloped area. The place made me remind of Hayao Miyazaki’s animations. I was embraced by the nature, and I felt very peaceful and cut off from the urban fast pace. Therefore, I made a zine about this place using my illustration and corporate with my sister’s photography.
What are some of your dreams?  There are so many things I want to do at this moment as my dreams. I would love to create more patterns and illustrations,start my collection in clothing and fashion accessories. I would love to own a stationary shop importing all kinds of unique stationary and tools around the world. I would also want to own a stocking and socks shop, design my own color pallet and pattern on socks. I wish I can be a creative instructor in college because I like to share all the great things in illustration and design world. Eventually, there will be a family with very a sweet husband and kids waiting for me to come home in the future. Like I said, I dream a lot and think a lot. If I dont dream, I will forget, and they will never happen.
Thank you Eszter!


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