Meet talented and inspiring illustrator, Grace Haynes!

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1.) What are some of your favorite places? My favorite places are anywhere with nature and good people, museums and art galleries even though I don’t go as often as I could. I also love places that have great culture and authenticity, and that could be anything from the inner city to somewhere hidden.


2.) What is something you learned, saw, or heard recently that you would like to share with our readers? As I continue to grow I am realizing the importance of spirituality. Whether you consider yourself a spiritual person or not I feel it is important to be connected to something bigger than yourself.


3.) What are some of your obsessions? 
Obsessions…haha I get obsessed with things I really love very easily, I like to call it passion though. I am obsessed with being a successful and respected artist. I am also obsessed with honey buns ( my ultimate weakness ), my relationship with God, Black girl magic, women’s empowerment, honest artistic expressions and so much more.


4.) What was the last place you visited? Tell us something that happened there. The last place I visited out of Los Angeles was Charlottesville, Virginia. It was a small town with lots of nature and was very cute. It was nice to visit a small town for once, because I’m so used to how big LA is. You learn to appreciate and take advantage of all the things a big city has to offer young entrepreneurs. Now I try to make sure I go to more social networking events out here because it is actually a privilege to live in a place that is closely connected to larger corporations and successful people.

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5.) What is something you’re looking forward to? I’m looking forward to the future. It is vague, but I find it interesting how life unfold and you just have to trust that you are on the right path. I know great oppurtunities are in store for me, I just have to wait, trust God, and do the hard work and I know my time will come.

6.) Who are your favorite designers or artists? That’s a tough one, I have so many for different reasons. Lately I been obsessed with Ruud Van Empel’s collages. I always loved Wangetchi Mutu’s work, and Frida Kahlo’s life inspires me to work and love harder. My favorite fashion designers are Christian Lacouix, Alena Akhamdullina and Rick Owens not just because they have great fashions, but because they see fashion as a form of artistic expression and I can appreciate that.

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7.) What are some of your dreams? My dreams…..hmmm I’m attracted to the simple things in life. If I can travel the world and experience that with someone I deeply love, continuously make great art, everyday get closer to God, and to be able to come home to a place and a person that comforts and inspires me on a daily basis I would be living my dream.

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