Today we are happy to share with you the work of Evelina Kazaryan.

Los Angeles/ Website


1.) What is something you learned, saw, or heard recently that you would like to share with our readers? There’s no such thing as failure. When you feel like you’ve failed or if you’re stressed, it’s just a cue for you to become more centered and move in the right direction. It’s something I try to remind myself all the time. It’s helped me focus and become more grounded when I don’t feel like I’m at my best.


Custom painted jacket


2.) What are some of your current obsessions? Mochi ice-cream from Trader Joes, white roses, white eyeliner, all white everything, clear acrylic lucite, mascara, watching pottery videos on Instagram,Jonathan Adler’s designs, and Vilhelm Hammershoi


Still life from Concept of Nothing series

Portrait of Rick Owens

3.) What was the last place you visited? Tell us something that happened there. I just came back from the market with a fresh bouquet of white roses and white gladiolas for my room! I love being surrounded by beautiful flowers. They make me feel at peace.



4.) What are some of your dreams? There are so many things I dream about doing. I want to be an art director one day, travel all over the world, open up a chocolate factory, collaborate with my favorite designers, travel to outer space, and the list goes on. However, my ultimate dream is to have my own brand/collective.









Givenchy fashion illustration

Spot illustrations for Interview Magazines April issue 2015.



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