Meet the talented and lovely, Lusine Varzhapetyan!


Los Angeles/ Website/ Instagram



1.) What are some of your favorite places? I love to find spaces in very unimportant places and make them somewhere that I can go when I need to smile. Any place that is near my family and some of my closest friends is special to me. Sometimes sitting on a swing and looking up listening to the leaves and the wind move around me is especially a favorite place of mine. I think a favorite place is not a location but rather a feeling within a moment. 



2.) What is something you learned, saw, or heard recently that you would like to share with our readers? Someone recently told me the first thing you need to be is confident. You have to be very confident in yourself. Confidence is what makes you move ahead in life and helps you grow. If you love yourself and learn to over come your insecurities whether it be emotionally or physically you become the best person you can be. Be strong be confident.

3.) What are some of your obsessions? Right now I’m extremely obsessed with the color grey. Some days I wear grey from head to toe. I’ve been obsessed with the show friends forever and I’ve seen each season more than 30 times, I think it really makes me laugh and not the fake “lol” laugh but more like the “lmao” laugh. I’m also obsessed with my mothers emotional strength, no matter what comes her way she makes the best of the situation. She can take something very broken and create something so precious. 

4.) What was the last place you visited? Tell us something that happened there. I was driving back home in my car with my mom by my side and she was looking at her phone. I looked at her face and she looked up at me. We both smiled as we locked eyes and went back to what we were doing. I thought that was a very special moment. 





5.) What is something you’re looking forward to? The next two years of my life and Adels concert in a week. I think it’s important to think about the future and obsess over your goals but I also think you should be obsessed with your current plans even if it’s not that exciting. 

6.) Who are your favorite designers or artists? 
Some of my closest friends are my all time favorite artists. You should definitely check out Evelina Kazaryan and Vivian Shih. What I love about their work is that they have something to say and they’re very passionate about their ideas. Designers and artists that inspire us to open our minds to new concepts, that is what inspired me.

7.) What are some of your dreams? 
My dreams include continuous laughter, happiness and good health for the rest of my life. If those three are consistently happening I can reach any goal I set for myself. I want to inspire people to see outside the box of what’s considered normal in society. My dream is bigger than myself because when you think bigger I believe your dreams come true. 





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