One of the most difficult things in fashion is to draw garments that are layered. How do we show that each garment is layered on top of one another, but still seems to rest on the figure? You must start with the garment that is closest to the body.  First, identify where it is tight and where it is loose – where it is loose it bends away from the body. There are two types of fabrics to consider – a knit is a textile that will stretch because the filament is made in a loop and then a woven – which will be more stiff and crisp and will not cling to the body unless it has a filament with stretch added like lycra.  Note that there is a knit in the tope and everything else is a wool. A suggestion would be to look at your wardrobe and see the fabrics and to also go out and look at garments and how they lay.




The jacket fits looser and wider at the shoulders. Note the sleeves have limited amount of drape.



We usually begin with the garments that are closest to the body – a knitted sweater and draped slacks.  The top is draping fuller and softer around the figure.  Note all the curves and folds that go into the waistband. Although the pants have lots of drape they tend to be drawn with straighter folds because of their structured fit.




For more information and guidance on drawing please refer to 9 Heads 4th edition and  Colors For Fashion. Remember to  practice, practice, practice with a 9 Heads Women Notebook. And don’t forget that you can personally ask Nancy Riegelman and her staff of fashion illustrators your questions!  SHOP