Fashion is an inspiring and multi-faceted arena for creativity today. There is an enormous variety and inspiration. Choose your favorite designer from a fashion site or fashion magazine.  You can trace their drawing and reduce the silhouette by a quarter inch.  Slimming down the head and elongating the legs helps to create a croquis.  To create a three dimensional and realistic drawing it is important to add shadows.  You will need to add at least three different values.

Step 1

Begin by drawing a silhouette that reflects the drape and cut of a skirt or sweater. Note that the cuffs and the neckline of the sweater bend around the figure. Fill in with the overall background color of the garment.  Note that the collar completely covers the neck and touches the base of the jawline.

Step 2

With a black marker, add the texture to the sweater by drawing small half circles with the thin point of a marker.  Make sure the texture extends to the outside of the garment giving the illusion that it wraps around the body.

Step 3

Add shadow inside each valley of the fold with a black colored pencil, especially around the bustline and waist. If possible, use an electric pencil sharpener to achieve a very sharp point and apply the shadows with the side of the pencil led. Prisma color pencils work the best. The same process continues on the skirt – carefully drawing in the pattern.  If you don’t want to hand draw the pattern, you can apply the print via Photoshop.



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