Today we are happy to share with you the work of Issa Grimm.

Issa Grimm / New York / Website

Issa Grimm Fashion Illustration

What are some of your current obsessions? White eyeliner, androgynous fashions (oversized shorts for women, skirts for men), s’mores from trader joes, Claudy jongstra textiles, wool, hand painted fabrics, pockets, white, the color of fierce grape Gatorade, oversized shin-length skirts with a giant sweater and flat shoes.

What are three places in Los Angeles that you love?  The European art exhibit at LACMA, Neiman Marcus on Wilshire, and the Huntington dog beach.

What is something you are looking forward to? Working in New York City

 Thank you Issa!  

Issa Grimm Fashion IllustrationIssa Grimm Fashion Illustration

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