Gores are shaped sections of fabric that allow the waist of a skirt to be shaped without the use of tucks or gathers. The number of gores used to make up the skirt can range from four to over twenty. The shape of the gores at the hem can be varied to create different hemline silhouettes. Godets are pieces of fabric, usually triangular or semi-circular, inserted into the hem of gored skirts at the seams to give a flounced effect.





Slits are of different lengths and can be located in different parts of skirts, usually along the seams. Except with wraps, where the slit is hidden by the overlapping fabric, slits are shown with a diagonal slash at the top of the slit and shading is used to show the opening.




A reminder shown here in the illustrations: waists can bend both upwards and down, depending on slightly different points of view, but they always bend!




A seam can run through any section of the garment, helping to create its shape and architecture. A seam is drawn with a thin line. Remember to put seams at the armhole and waist if they are required.


A yoke is a horizontal pattern piece. It is used to control ease of fullness. Yokes are used at the shoulder and at the hip line and now in many different areas of garments.