The nose is a delicate arrow. On a woman’s nose the nostrils angle at a slight V. When beginning to draw, it is best to ignore the bridge of the nose, which is from the edge of the nose running from between the eyebrows to the tip. We always have a tendency to draw it with too hard a line, which makes the nose the focal point of the face, as opposed to the eyes or mouth. Do not outline the nose. It makes it look like an elephant’s foot! The nose is as long as the eye socket is wide. Be careful not to exaggerate the length. We always expect the nose to be longer than it is because it pokes out at us. The nose begins halfway down the head and ends three-quarters way down (or one quarter up) the head. Add a shadow at the base to give the nose depth and an upward tilt.





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photo shown at the top by Kykeon