STYLING: The Psychology of Color

A great way to change the mood of a look is to experiment with changing the make-up and hair color.

How does color affect mood? How does color tell us a story? Check out this great wikipedia entry on color psychology for a more in depth perspective on the relationship that color has with us in the world (LINK).

In the example below we take a hand drawn illustration of a face and scan it in. We open the scanned image in Photoshop and use the magic selection tool to select the part of the image you would like to work with (i.e. hair, lips, eyes etc). Then you will want to experiment with the image adjustments – for this example we adjusted the hue and saturation.  Another great way to explore mood is by adjusting the opacity of certain areas and colors.

For more information and guidance on combining hand drawing with photoshop please refer to 9 Heads 4th edition and Colors For Fashion.  And don’t forget that you can personally ask Nancy Riegelman and her staff of fashion illustrators your questions!  SHOP