TREND | To Russia With Love

Emerging Trend: Russia’s Influence by Kristine Upesleja, Madisons – Innovative Textiles & Materials Consulting

Trends in Russia

Soviet Street Wear is an emerging youth trend.Rising designer Gosha Rubchinskiy is making waves and tapping into the youth and sports lifestyle market for young guys. Inspired by his homeland Russia, he is using ornaments and impressions of growing up in post soviet times. (Featured in the images above)

Trends in Russia

A new and young generation of Russians is using old post soviet ornaments in clothing and print design. They tell a strong graphic story with bold Cyrillic type and bold placement.  Western Designers like Vivienne Westwood or Raf Simmons are inspired and are using the Cyrillic type.  Young Muscovite skaters are wearing oddly spaced placement graphics and brand logos on jerseys, cotton shirts and printed denim. Soviet Space Race graphics/ posters are hip.  The ultra trendy LA based clothing store ‘Opening Ceremony’ carries Gosha’s clothing line.

1. Vivienne Westwood / VISIT

2. Lunar Programme / VISIT

3. Cyrillic Alphabet / VISIT

4.  Laika: The Soviet Space dog / VISIT

5. Russian Pepsi / VISIT

6.  Russian Stamps / VISIT