Enhancing your fashion illustrations with Photoshop.

Photoshop is an ideal application for manipulating original images to create new and different compositions.  This post features an original drawing that has been enhanced with plaid fabrics.  Photoshop’s filters, tools and layers can quickly help to change an element of a garment which can help in making decisions on colors, fabric choices and so much more.


The above image was loosely drawn with markers and colored pencils to create a “template” for inserting fabric choices.  It was then scanned in and opened in Photoshop.  Today we chose a selection of plaids and inserted them in the white areas of the garments featured below:

Enhancing your illustrations with photoshop.


For more information and guidance on drawing please refer to 9 Heads 4th edition, Colors For Fashion and Face Fashion.  For specific help with using Photoshop please refer to Colors For Fashion. And don’t forget that you can personally ask Nancy Riegelman and her staff of fashion illustrators your questions!  SHOP